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Singapore War Crimes Trials Web Portal:

Dr Cheah W.L. and Ms Ng Pei Yi are co-founders of this web portal on the Singapore War Crimes Trials (1946-1948). After the Second World War, 131 war crimes trials were held in Singapore to address atrocities committed by Japan during the war. The Singapore War Crimes Trials Web Portal (the SGWCT Web Portal) aims to provide the public with one-stop access to the Singapore Trials by featuring comprehensive case summaries of these war crimes trials. It also provides clear links to relevant archival materials hosted by other websites. The SGWCT Web Portal aims to achieve dual objectives. First, the Portal aims to inspire interest in the general public by promoting the public’s appreciation of a crucial but under-explored aspect of Singapore’s legal heritage. Second, the Portal aims to be a jumping off point for those seeking to learn more about the Singapore War Crimes Trials. The SGWCT Web Portal is made possible by funding from the Singapore National Heritage Board and Singapore Academy of Law. The Portal was launched in 2016 and is an ongoing project.

For more information about the trials and web portal project, see:

Cheah W.L., “An Overview of the Singapore War Crimes Trials (1946-1948): Prosecuting Lower-level Accused”, Singapore Law Review, Vol. 34 (2016)

Ng Pei Yi, “Development in International Criminal Law Open Access Tools: Increasing Public Education and Engagement”, FICHL Policy Brief Series No. 71 (2016)

The Straits Times Roundtable on the Elected Presidency (September, 2016)



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